Mgr. Radka Kopčová

Real estate specialist

I consider the sale or purchase of your property our joint project. A project that I will manage to your satisfaction.

+421 905 709 923

What clients say about me

We decided to sell our house with Mrs. Radka. Her approach was very professional and exactly according to our requirements. Thank you and we highly recommend.
Peter H. Senec
Mrs. Kopčová sold our apartment. Everything went well; we didn't have to worry about anything. Mrs. Kopčová arranged everything for us. We thank you. We definitely recommend.
manželia M. Bratislava

My services

Real estate services

With me, you sell your property more conveniently, as if you were selling it yourself or with someone else.

Property value estimate

If you are planning to sell your property and you want to know how quickly you can sell it or how much it is worth, I am here to help. I will determine the selling price of your property on the basis of a price map and the current real estate situation.

Real estate audit

I will arrange a real estate inspection throughout Slovakia with a professional company. Inspection is the control and evaluation of the technical condition of your house or apartment.

Energy certificate

I will ensure the issuance of the Energy Certificate of the building. It contains information on the energy performance of the building set by the decree.

How do I work today?

I receive questions from my clients whether "I am open" and whether I am able to ensure the same quality of real estate services even during covid protective measures.

Yes, I am still open and working!

Even at this time, I am ready to meet your requirements. Of course, in compliance with all the recommended measures to protect the health of us all.

To the safe implementation of the entire transaction, I ensure security in terms of your health, the health of your loved ones, those interested in buying and yours.

ON-LINE procedure for selling your property

Contact me and we'll arrange a video call.

+421 905 709 923 radka.kopcova@bcas.sk

Video call replaces introductory meeting in person.

To set up video call I am ready to choose the application that suits you best - WhatsApp, Zoom, Viber.

We will go through your needs during the video call.

What specific property do you want to sell / rent?
What written documents for the sale of your property are in your possession?
Purchase contract, cadastral map, Certificate of inheritance ... Are you in a hurry?
In other words: how much time do you have to make a sale / lease?
Do you have any idea of the price of your property - minimum and maximum?

During our on-line meeting, we will discuss the following

Possibilities of our mutual cooperation.
We will set the dates, the possibilities of presenting your property and the methods of sale. We will go through the reward for my work.
We will set the price of the property.
We will agree on the date of signing the Agreement on the mediation of the sale of real estate.
I will answer all your questions.

I will send you a draft of our agreement electronically

Is it necessary that we put everything we have agreed on "on paper" Why?
Not only because it is required by current legislation, but in my view mainly because "good contracts make good friends"!

Even today, we cannot lower standards of our professional presentation

.This part is really very important for sales.
In order to make the process as safe as possible, your active cooperation is needed.
I will ask you to take pictures of your property and send them to me.
Me and a professional photographer will get an idea before the actual shooting.
Remember, it is necessary to prepare the property well.
Modify the land or interior so that the client, who sees the property for the first time, gets the right impression and feeling.

Professional 3D visualization of your apartment or house

Every purchase is an emotion.
And you will certainly be happy if the first emotion of the property you offer will be positive for a potential client - the buyer.
So when you prepare a simple floor plan of your property, we will create a 3D presentation and visualization, according to which potential buyer will get a perfect idea.

Presentation of your property

After this phase, it is time to include your property in the so-called "Public offering" as well as working with the offered real estate with marketing tools.
There are more options and for each property I try to choose the most suitable one. I will offer your property to: Clients who are registered in our database as "inquiring clients".
Through real estate servers, my contacts, social media and information e-mails.

Those interested in your property are contacted

By phone and e-mail

Interested clients contact us via our toll-free customer line 0800 115 115 or e-mail, so we won't miss a single contact.
Of course I am available on my phone number and email as well.

Social networking sites

With well-chosen marketing activities, we will get more people interested in your property.

ON-LINE communication with interested parties

Video call with interested parties

During the video call, I will introduce your property to the applicant.
I will use all the presentation materials we have at our disposal - professional photos, 3D floor plan, 3D visualization. I will answer all his questions.

Checking the applicant

The fact that the applicant likes your real estate is only the first step.
The next step is to check its creditworthiness.
We will set the optimal method of financing.
For you, this means that we know that the applicant is also a potential buyer.

Video call tour

Together we will present your property via video.
You can walk remotely around your property.
As on the classic tour, the applicant will ask additional information.
Client has already received a lot of information during our first joint video conversation.
We will make sure that he has made a good choice.

Reservation contract and deposit

If the buyer decides to buy your property, a new process begins: the process of negotiating the terms of the purchase agreement.
Every person interested in buying a property signs an "Agreement on making a deposit".
Based on this tripartite agreement, the interested party - the buyer will pay the so-called "Reservation deposit" In this way, the buyer declares his interest in buying your property.

Completion of the trade

Purchase contract and transfer of real estate

The purchase contract is part of our cooperation. .
Our internal legal department will prepare a "draft purchase agreement" for us, which we will send to all participants. .
The buyer and you as the seller will then comment on this purchase contract and we will add all the necessary details to it. .
After signing the purchase contract by both parties and paying the purchase price, we will submit a proposal for the deposit of ownership. .
After allowing the deposit of the ownership right to the real estate in the real estate cadastre, it will be physically transferred.

Physical handover to buyers (and now new owners)

Your property is no longer "yours" at the moment, because you already have your money and the buyer already has his property, but so far only "on paper".
Therefore, it is necessary to hand it over to him for use.
Therefore, we write a "Transfer Protocol", in which we write down the status of the meters of individual media as well as the status of the property.

And what to add in the end?

I believe you were satisfied with my sevices

To the safe implementation of the entire transaction, I also added security in terms of your health, the health of your loved ones, those interested in buying and yours.
If you have any suggestions for me to further improve my work, I will be happy if you tell me.
Because I like to improve. AT EVERY TIME.